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Email Address Finder is a email address search and bulk email sender. It can collect millions of email addresses for you everyday. You also can use Email Address Finder to send email to every valid email address!

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Then look no further!

Email Address Finder is the best bulk email address search software.

Check out Email Address Finder at! You can got millions of email addresses send bulk email with this program.

Description of Email Address Finder
Email Address Finder can search bulk email addresses from mail server. You also can send bulk email to every valid email address while searching. You can get more than 5500 email addresses per minute at only 56Kbps speed. It allows you save the search progress and load it to resume work at your convenience. All you need to do is just input an email address, and press the "Search" button.

Why use Email Address Finder to collect email addresses and send bulk email?
Do you need some fresh bulk email address lists right? You never should purchase lists of email addresses that you see offered on the Internet. These email address lists are mostly undeliverable lists that are several years old. So we strongly urge you to collect your own fresh email lists. Email Address Finder is powerful bulk email software that will search email addresses from email server and collect millions of email addresses for you everyday!! Try the FREE demo. It's simple, and fun!

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