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CoolSpeaking is Text-to-speech software using the best Text-to-speech Technology in the world. Do you know that paper is 10 times easier to read than a computer screen? CoolSpeaking can read any text on your computer for you. It can read what you are typing in real-time so you can catch spelling errors easily. It can even convert text to wav file for archiving or just for having fun.

CoolSpeaking can read the time to you on demand or at set intervals. You can even choose from a variety of skins to customize the look of the program.


Convert text to speech Convert text to speech and even text to wav file!
support more text to speech engines Supports more voices, languages and text-to-speech engines!
convert any text to speech Reads out every word you've just typed and takes effect wherever.
this text to speech software supports skin Changes the skin of the program from a variety of professionally designed skins.
this text to speech software supports read time and date Reads the time on demand, hourly, or half-hourly.


benefits 1 of this text to speech software Frees up the eyes and hands to perform other tasks simultaneously.
benefits 2 of this text to speech software Health friendly - reduce eyes, back and neck strain from reading web pages or any lengthy text from your computer screen.
benefit 3 of this text to speech  software Environmentally friendly - you can stop printing pages to read. Let CoolSpeaking read them for you so you can relax.

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