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Speech Parrot is a voice recognition/control software that can make your computer communicate with you freely. That's to say, your computer can talk with you, follow your spoken command, read files and clipboard for you, and even open any program and any website as you please. What you will do is just speak out!

voice recognition screenshot

If your computer has sound card and microphone, you can control your computer via voice. Right click on Peedy, and you will see a system command panel. Also, you can run using your voice. Peedy is designed with Microsoft Text-to-Speech and Speech-Recognition technology. He can talk with you clearly.

Features and Benefits.

text to vocie converter software The intellectual and anthropopathic computer is coming!
voice control Control computer via voice!
voice recognition Peedy of Speech Parrot can recognize your voice syllabify!
text to voice for you. Read clipboard content and Web for you.

add voice recognition command
( Above picture is one of the Speech Parrot 's panels to add your voice recognition command .)

FASQ fovoice recognition Frequently Asked Questions of Speech Parrot
about voice recognition software Tell a Friend about Speech Parrot.


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