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Frequently Asked Questions for Data Management Expert

How about the reliability of data?
A: Data Management Expert uses the Microsoft Access database technology. It provides the best data security. DME also provides an advanced self-testing capability to find out errors.

Can DME support huge database file?
A: The size of database file supported by DME is up to 1GB. But it is not recommended that you make database file that are larger than 100MB for acceptable performance.

When I open the program I get an error message said, "Interface not supported".
A: You need install MDAC 2.7and Jet 4.0 to update your Windows, please download them.

Does Data Management Expert use any data compression technology?
A: DME supports 9 level compression ratios. It greatly reduces document size with high performance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know at

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