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Frequently Asked Questions for SpeechParrot

What's SpeechParrot?
A: SpeechParrot is a software of controlling computer with your voice. It also can listen to you.
What can I do with it?
A: You can define you own command to control computer. Computer can run any application for you just like a person .So you can talk with it, enjoy it and your keyboard is no need .

What about SpeechParrot's Speech Recognition?
A: SpeechParrot can recognize your voice syllabify.
Does SpeechParrot must adapt my speech like IBM Voice?
A: No, after installation, you can use your voice without adapting speech.
What is the system requirement?
A: Windows Me/NT/2000.
How can I change Peedy's speech speed?
A: Click "Advanced" button of "Option" Panel, then the Advanced Panel will show and you can change speed.

How can I hide the spoken balloon?
A: Uncheck "show speak balloon" on "Option" Panel .
Does SpeechParrot use a lot of RAM of my computer?
A: No, SpeechParrot is so small and has been optimized, so please have no worries about it.
Unlike other software, SpeechParrot use a little system resource.
How can I let Peedy doesn't fly all over the screen of my computer?
A: Open the "Option" Panel and check "Don't fly everywhere". Then Peedy will stand by.

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