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CoolSpeaking 2.0 A Tool for Converting Text to Speech and WAV File.
CoolSpeaking can read text from emails, web pages, and e-books. With a real-time speaking, you can catch spelling mistakes easily. Convert your text to WAV file and choose 11 languages. Change the speed and pitch of the voice. Pick your skin and more.

Power Email Harvester Easy to use, fast email harvester and bulk emailer.
Power Email Harvester is an email address extractor software for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP. It is quick and recondite to harvest/verify large e-mail addresses from email server. It can harvest more than 5500 email addresses per minute at only 56Kbps speed.

Data Management Expert 5.03 Powerful Data Management Software.
Data Management Expert is a powerful and easy to use personal database program, PIM and Rich Text editor to help you collect and manage all kinds of data. It is ideal for storing notes, emails, URLs, documents, files, etc. It features extended search, edit, export and import options.

Speech Parrot 2.0.1 The Intellectual and Anthropopathic Computer is Coming!
SpeechParrot can make your computer communicate with you freely. That's to say, your computer can talk with you, follow your spoken command, read files and clipboard for you, and even open any program and any website as you please. What you will do is just speak out!


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